While the 2016/2017 squash season winds down, it’s time to heat things up. Whether you compete at your local club, play for pleasure against friends and colleagues, or just like to practice to up your game — check out these brand new racquets from your favorite brands and more.


2017 Xamsa FBO 110 (former VBO 135)

If you are a new r intermediate player, you may not be too familiar with Xamsa. This brand tends towards lightweight rackets and the frames are quite stiff — using first grade carbon fiber for added durability, this racquet is best suited for advanced players.

The stringing and tension are optimal for power, but as in squash, you typically have to favor power or control — and this Xamsa is all about the control. The lightweight teardrop racquet is best suited for an attacking style of play. The balance is neutral and as you will see, the string surface is perfect for control and power alike.


  • Weight: 110 grams (frame) / 135 grams (frame and grommets / 155 grams (frame, grommets, strings, and grip)
  • Balance: Neutral
  • Tension: 26 lbs
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18
  • Strings: Xamsa Senze, 1.2mm, 17 gauge


Xamsa Senze strings are constructed using a thousand microfilaments as a center core, then wrapped in braided fibers. This gives it a rough surface that really grabs the ball, and a resistance that offers control. The elastic coating is what gives it extra power.

This Xamsa FBO 110 is a great example of pure neutrality — neutral balance with a right mix of control and power in a lightweight frame.

The cost of this Xamsa racquet is only $76.34 USD ($100.00 CAD). You can purchase it at Sports Virtuoso at the link below, where you can choose your strings, a re-grip, and string tension when you buy.

Purchase Link: http://sportsvirtuoso.com/en/squash/racquets/by-brand/xamsa/fbo-110/?currency=USD


Harrow Vapor (140g)

The Harrow Vapor is a 140 gram racquet with new cosmetics for 2016/2017. Used personally by Scottish No.1 Alan Clyne and Australian No.2 Ryan Cuskelly, this racquet is is Harrow’s best selling racquet of all time.

The superior combination of control and power makes this a special racquet that you always want to improve but never mess with the blend that Harrow has perfected in the Vapor.This racquet is a classic for a reason and is a top choice for PSA pros and club players at all levels.

vapor harrow

  • Weight: 140 grams (frame)
  • Balance: Slightly Head Heavy
  • Level: Advanced
  • Strings (factory): Barrage Pro String
  • String Pattern: 14 x 19

The Harrow Vapor racquet will cost you $164.12 USD ($215.00 CAD) at the link below, where you can customize your string, tension, and grip if you so wish.

Purchase Link: http://sportsvirtuoso.com/en/squash/racquets/by-brand/harrow/vapor-en/


Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 125

The new Dynergy AP (Arch Power) is a 125g racquet from the popular Tecnifibre brand. This model was MIguel Rodriguez’s new choice of racquet for the 2016 season.

What is new on this model is a new stringing system called Arch Power (AP), which is similar to how the Price brand racquets are strung. This type of stringing gives you the most power possible without giving up control.

This Dynergy line also features a large handle (jumbo shaft) and the balance is even – while the other two racquets in the Dynergy line are slightly head heavy.


  • Weight: 125 grams (frame)
  • Balance: 355mm (balanced)
  • Surface Area: 490 sq. cm.
  • String Pattern: 16 x 16
  • Strings: Dynamx 1.20


You can purchase this Tecnifibre for $148.85 USD ($194.99 CAD), which is around $15 off of retail price.

Purchase Link: http://sportsvirtuoso.com/en/squash/racquets/by-brand/tecnifibre/dynergy-series/ap-125/


Prince TeXtreme Pro Warrior 600

The Prince TeXtreme Pro Warrior 600 is a great racquet that does things a bit differently in many ways. The weight of the 480 sq. cm. frame is 129 grams — with a 16 x 17 string pattern and a great flared head, this Prince is a favorite of Ramy Ashour for the 2016/2017 season.

  • Weight: 129 grams (frame)
  • Surface Area: 480 sq. cm.
  • Balance: Balanced
  • Strings: Prince 17G Black
  • String Pattern: 16 x 17


129 grams unstrung, this racquet feels very balanced and light, and was made to Ramy Ashour’s exact specifications. This new model also features new cosmetics that make this gear look sleeker in design over its predecessor.

This Prince costs around $145.00 USD ($189.99 CAD), which is a good $20+ off of retail price at the link below.

Purchase Link: http://sportsvirtuoso.com/en/squash/racquets/by-brand/prince/textreme-pro-warrior-600/


Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S

The famous and beloved Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 S is a wonderfully designed racquet that is favored by the best squash players in the world. The newest 125 S model features some upgrades and new cosmetics, but has only made this racquet better — the brand didn’t touch the magic that has made this one of the best competitive racquets around.

This model is used by World No.1 Mohamed ElShorbagy as well as Gregiore Marche and Miguel Rodriguez, among other players on and off the circuit.

  • Weight: 125 grams (frame)
  • Construction: Graphite & Basaltex Multiaxial
  • Surface Area: 500 sq. cm.
  • Balance: Balanced
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18
  • Strings: Tecnifibre 305+ 17 gauge 1.2mm (factory strings)


The new Tecnifibre features a lighter weight than its predecessor, which is perfect for more advanced players who want to swing light. It is also balanced, has a strong graphite and basaltex construction, and now features a new detachable bumper that reduces the frame weight.

The shaft offers flex benefits that provide a more appropriate style that is suited to the skilled touch player — fast, powerful, and responsive.

This classic and insanely popular racquet is available at a heck of a deal. You can purchase the 125 S for $145.00 USD ($189.99 CAD) at the link below, which is around $10 off of retail price.

Purchase Link: http://sportsvirtuoso.com/en/squash/racquets/by-brand/tecnifibre/carboflex-series/125-s-en/


Black Knight Radium PSX

The new Black Knight Radium PSX is a great racquet with a lighter frame but still has a 16 x 19 string pattern. It’s also suitable for hardball doubles which is a plus. Those of you who love the Galaxy PS Racquet, you will definitely love this model.

Black Knight Radium PSX

  • Weight: 140 grams (frame)
  • Dynamic Weight: 130 grams
  • Surface Area: 500 sq. cm.
  • Balance: Head Light
  • Rigidity Factor: 92
  • Strings: Ashaway SuperNick Micro XL Black (factory)
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19

With a rounder frame, a bit of a heavier frame, a head light balance, the Radium PSX by Black Knight is a great racquet for any player.

You can purchase the Black Knight Radium PSX for $142.75 USD ($187.00 CAD) at the link below. This is $25 off of retail.

Purchase Link:



Salming Aero Potenza

What Aero Potenza by Salming is a significant racquet because of its effortless and sheer power. The longest of the main strings are 38c long and offer the best trampoline effect in the Salming racquet range.

The Aero Potenza is strung with Salming’s Instinct Response, which is made by DoubleAR in Italy. Featuring an aerodynamic design using High Modulus Carbon technology as well as the addition of Vectran (a novel material used for vibration damping, impact, cut resistance, and high abrasion), this Salming is rich with the latest of tech and experiments with many more materials.


  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Surface Area: 495 sq. cm.
  • Balance: 370mm
  • Strings: Instinct Response
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18

The X3M Sticky Grip is long lasting and has great anti-slip properties. It has a slightly sticky touch for better grip and is shock absorbing.

This Salming Aero Potenza will cost you around $141.00 USD ($185.00 CAD) at the link below.

Purchase Link: http://sportsvirtuoso.com/en/squash/racquets/by-brand/salming/aero-vectran-series/potenza/

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