The 2018 Youth Olympic Games are to be held from October 6th to the 18th, 2018, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The IOC (International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission visited the capital of Argentina and decided it was the ideal place to display squash as the “showcase sport” in the Youth Olympic Games.

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Interestingly, the IOC had a concept called “Sports Lab” which they launched in 2014, at Nanjing, and this saw a sports climbing feature as well as skateboarding — the inclusion of these sports was ideal as they have been added to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Squash is now the “showcase sport” in Buenos Aires, with the hope that it could have a great impact and end up joining the Summer Olympic Games roster.

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Its appearance at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games is not in official capacity, but it could pave the way for inclusion of squash in later Games — this will be the first time that squash has ever appeared on an Olympic Games roster.

PSA’s CEO Alex Gough stated that the Professional Squash Association is “delighted that squash will feature as part of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in what is a hugely positive development for the growth of squash worldwide.” They hope to use this opportunity to place squash on a worldwide stage while introducing the sport to a new generation. The ultimate goal here is to have squash included in the Olympic Games, according to World Squash president Jacque Fontaine — using the Youth Olympics as a “testing ground,” the PSA looks forward to showing off the uniqueness of the all-glass showcourt and the skillset of their athletes.


Whether you are a die-hard squash fanatic, a player, or new to the sport, this is an exciting event that will showcase the athleticism and uniqueness of squash on the world’s stage for youth players and those interested in learning more about the sport. Jacque Fontaine of the WSF said that “The Youth Games displays the very best in rising sporting talent as well as the very best in youth sports. We believe we have one of the most unique sporting products in the world and some of the most compelling athletes in the world.” It is with hope that this opportunity is capitalized upon and the most is made from this exhibition.

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The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games will be held in Buenos Aires between October 6th to the 18th of that year.


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