Whether your junior squash player has only recently gotten into the game or is leveling up their gameplay and needs a new, quality racket, check out the following three junior / kids rackets that are made just for non-adult players.

From the best brands available such as Tecnifibre, Head, and Dunlop, these rackets are durable, made of quality construction materials, and will motivate your junior squash player to reach for the stars.


Tecnifibre Carboflex Junior Squash Racket

Price: $35.00

Purchase Link: https://www.tennisnuts.com/shop/squash/squash-rackets/kids-junior-squash-rackets/tecnifibre-carboflex-junior-squash-1187396.html?currency_code=USD


This Tecnifibre Carboflex Junior Squash Racket is one of the best rackets you can buy your junior squash player. With a red and black Graphite frame that was inspired by Mohamed El Shorbagy’s racket, your kid can get the most out of their gameplay with this Tecnifibre.

  • Construction: Graphite
  • Head: 500 cm sq. (77.5 in sq.)
  • Balance: 285 mm +/- 5 mm
  • Length: 63.5 cm / 25 in
  • Weight: 175 g +/- 5 g (6.20 oz)
  • Grip: Pu White

At the great price of $35.00, you can choose to keep the strings or upgrade them before purchasing – this includes custom string tension as well. Click on the link above to buy!


Dunlop Force Revelation Junior Squash Racket

Price: $50.00

Purchase Link: https://www.tennisnuts.com/shop/squash/squash-rackets/kids-junior-squash-rackets/dunlop-force-revelation-junior-1215129.html?currency_code=USD


The Dunlop Force Revelation Junior Squash Racket is perfect for those seeking a high quality racket with the perks. This 27 inch full graphite racket has an even balance, is strung with X-Life String in a 14 x 18 pattern, and includes a racket cover with your purchase.

  • Construction: Premium Graphite
  • Head Size: 500 cm sq. (77.5 in sq.)
  • Balance: Even
  • Frame Weight: 120 g
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18
  • Strung with: X-Life String
  • Shaft: Tapered
  • Cover: Included

Check out the link above to order and customize your string type and/or the tension.


Head Xenon Ti. Junior Squash Racket

Price: $25.00

Purchase Link: https://www.tennisnuts.com/shop/squash/squash-rackets/kids-junior-squash-rackets/head-xenon-ti-junior-squash-1212803.html?currency_code=USD


The Head Xenon Ti. Junior Squash Racket is the perfect and most cost-effective racket for beginners and juniors getting into the game. This racket is slightly heavier, which will teach them to play with better stability. The head size is smaller than the other options on this list, but there is a larger sweet spot for control.

  • Construction: Graphite
  • Nano Titanium Coating (for stability)
  • Length: 625 mm (24.6 in)
  • Frame Weight: 175 g
  • Balance: Head Light
  • Beam: 19 mm
  • String Pattern: 14 x 19

This is the perfect racket for your kid to get in control of their gameplay as they learn the game of squash.


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