We know there are dozens of incredible squash racquets out there that have been made popular by their use by pro players on the squash court. However, with so many great brands and models to choose from, take a look at some of the racquets you may be overlooking. From extremely light weight racquets to those with the latest technology and materials, there is the perfect racquet out there for you — see if yours is on this Top 6 list!


Karakal Squash Racquet (SN-90 FF)

Price: $100

Purchase Link: https://www.racquetdepot.co.uk/karakal-sn-90-ff-squash-racquet/?setCurrencyId=3&gclid=Cj0KEQjwg47KBRDk7LSu4LTD8eEBEiQAO4O6r73AD0Aaxx38N0mNfIGgFbdUwfm3NbOt8LCFflkwho8aAqqs8P8HAQ

Karakal 3

Karakal Squash Racquet (SN-90 FF)


At a cost of only $100 USD (excluding tax), the Karakal SN-09 FF squash racquet is the world’s lightest racquet — at only 90 grams in frame weight, the one piece construction features an A power shaft and a groove power system.

Karakal 2

The construction material is Fast Fibre Graphite, which makes it so lightweight; this graphite also generates more power and faster head speed.

  • Construction Material: Fast Fibre Graphite
  • Head Size: 455 cm sq.
  • Balance: 365mm
  • Constant Taper Frame: 18 — 16mm
  • String Pattern: 14 x 19
  • Frame Weight: 90g



Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racquet White / Yellow / Grey

Price: $140

Purchase Link: https://goalperformer.com/products/wilson-h145-squash-racquet-white-yellow-grey-27-inch?gclid=Cj0KEQjwg47KBRDk7LSu4LTD8eEBEiQAO4O6rxvfcFD-ynO4EkLyGr1CswWMmGi99xX-Y1iqs8U-Jd0aAszq8P8HAQ


Wilson is one of the most recognized sports brands in the world and when it comes to sports gear, they know what they’re doing. The Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 squash racquet is a 27-inch, multi-color, carbon racquet made for both speed and power, which is always an elusive combination in this sport.

The Hyper Hammer 145, besides being awesomely named, is also a perfect choice for players among you who like to really hit hard and look for the control they need to put the ball away. With a frame weight of 145g, it is on the heavier side for power, but still has the nuances to control well.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 1

Somewhat unusually, the 488 cm sq. head uses a factory 12 x 20 string pattern and has a head heavy balance for power plays, spins, and stability. Included in the features are Power Holes technology, which enhances the sweet spot and improves power.

The material used in the construction of this racquet is Hyper Carbon, which is used in the aerospace industry. This makes for a stable and incredibly stiff racquet. The length of the racquet is 27 inches.

  • Construction Material: Hyper Carbon
  • Head Size: 488 cm sq.
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • String Pattern: 12 x 20
  • Power Holes Technology
  • Enhanced Sweet Spot
  • Very Stiff Frame
  • Frame Weight: 145g



Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 Squash Racquet (211035)

Price: $150

Purchase Link: http://www.squashgalaxy.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=SG&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=HeadRacGrapheneXTCyano135&utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=googlebase&cvsfa=2741&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=486561645261634772617068656e6558544379616e6f313335&gclid=Cj0KEQjwg47KBRDk7LSu4LTD8eEBEiQAO4O6r5dpTHf-1y1R8onQKVBIgcpP6NPDf0qkvvgXRaCfoRsaAl3C8P8HAQ

Head Graphene XT Cyano

Head Graphene XT Cyano 135

The Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 is one of the great deals on this list. With a regular price of $190, you can get it right now for only $150.

What makes this racquet so great is the brand’s use of Graphene technology, which was first used by Head in 2013. This has made some of the best high-end frames in squash history since. In this racquet, as suggested by the name of it, uses Graphene XT technology, which allows even more extreme distribution of weight than regular Graphene — which makes their racquet extraordinarily light but strong.

Head Graphene XT Cyano 135

Head Graphene XT Cyano 135

The Graphene XT Cyano 135 has a frame weight of 135 grams, features a head light feel, and is shaped in an aggressive teardrop design (the same as the XT Cyano 110 and 120). For attack players who want more mass in their frame for power, this is a great model to choose.

With less head weight, players can swing faster and still have that explosive power behind their swing.

  • Construction Material / Composition: Graphene XT / CT2
  • Head Size: 500 cm sq.
  • Balance: Head Light
  • Beam: 20mm
  • String Pattern: 12 x 17
  • Factory Grip: UltraSoft Tour
  • Factory String: Evolution Pro 17
  • Frame Weight: 135g



Head Microgel 125 Squash Racket

Price: $70

Purchase Link: https://www.fruugo.us/head-microgel-125-squash-racket/p-10300221-21592057?gclid=Cj0KEQjwg47KBRDk7LSu4LTD8eEBEiQAO4O6r4ldpGY2qh3Yy-alSdvmqYP42BvsI6mmCGBjyMbmR5YaAq3T8P8HAQ


Head Microgel 125

Available in a great-looking blue and white design, the Head Microgel 125 is a racquet that uses MicroGel — a revolutionary silicon material, as well as strong carbon composite fibers in order to deliver an extremely responsive racquet that will evenly distribute the impact around the frame for a solid feel and touch.

Head microgel

With a frame weight of 125 grams, this is a lightweight racquet that is head heavy and uses a large, 500 cm sq head size. The MicroGel and carbon composite fibers make for a great combination of power and responsiveness.

  • Head Size: 500 cm sq.
  • Balance: 370mm (Head Heavy)
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Beam: 20mm
  • Grip: New Round Shape by Head
  • String Pattern: 12 x 17
  • Frame Weight: 125g

head microgel 2

Dunlop Blackstorm 4D Titanium

Price: $52

Purchase Link: https://www.smashinn.com/tennis/dunlop-blackstorm-4d-titanium/136381316/p?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=merchant&id_producte=4647723&country=us&gclid=Cj0KEQjwg47KBRDk7LSu4LTD8eEBEiQAO4O6r_59ELWdeahAj4Di8fcGsjfbnKuaR-6Vk_zzFgGWVuMaAraY8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

Dunlop blackstorm 2

Dunlop Blackstorm 4D Titanium

With a typical retail value of over $75, you can buy the Dunlop Blackstorm 4D Titanium racquet right now at the authorized dealer above, for only $51.95, which is guaranteed to be the best price online.

The Blackstorm 4D racquet title refers to Dunlop’s use of Graphite + 4D Braided material for the construction / composition of this racquet. With a focus in performance power, this racquet is extra head light, features a full 500 cm sq. head size, uses a revolutionary graphite construction for the 135g frame, and uses the 14 x 18 Powermax string pattern to deliver serious power on the court.

Dunlop Blackstorm

With a string tension between 20 to 30 pounds and a standard length of 27 inches, this Dunlop Blackstorm 4D Titanium is a workhorse that will provide effortless swings and power that doesn’t seem possible coming off of a 135 gram racquet.

The design is also intimidating, with a black design that sums up the Blackstorm name quite well.

  • Construction: Graphite + 4D Braided
  • Head Size: 500 cm sq.
  • Balance: Extra Head Light
  • Performance: Power
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18 Powermax
  • String Tension: 20 – 30 pounds
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Frame Weight: 135g



Prince Team Peter Nicol 700 Squash Racquet

Price: $110

Purchase Link: http://www.realrecreationusa.com/p/Prince-Team-Peter-Nicol-700-Squash-Racquet-59884667.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwg47KBRDk7LSu4LTD8eEBEiQAO4O6r9c4x7uJX8NCjzbhYM8F6QKex453XshrCCha6icQtBkaAjjb8P8HAQ

Prince team 3

Prince Team Peter Nicol 700

At a price of just over $100 bucks, the Prince Team Peter Nicol 700 is a squash racquet that has had great success in the hands of not just World No.1 Peter Nicol, but for intermediate players as well.

Featuring PowerRing and EXO3 technologies for control, power, and the combination of these elements, this Prince model is heavier than standard, at 140 grams — but has unique features that makes it perfect for many players.


The head size is 480.6 cm sq. in size and weighs 140g unstrung. With the addition of EXO3 and the popular PowerRing technologies, this Prince racquet offers enhanced ball response, power, and accuracy — the unique head size is always a good sign, as it means the brand built the racquet around their design drawings, specifications, and trial and error to make the best racquet they could.

  • Head Size: 480.6 cm sq.
  • PowerRing Technology
  • EXO3 Technology
  • Performance: Power and Control
  • Best For: Intermediate Players
  • Frame Weight:140g



** Please note that this article is an unbiased collection chosen personally by the content writer. No monetary compensation (or any type of compensation) was given by these brands or online retailers for the review; nor for the purchase links provided. We just love squash!


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