When it comes to keeping up with the best of the newest racket releases, it is always wise to head to the brands that are innovative and have never let you down on the court. Some of the best 2017 model squash rackets for advanced players include new releases from Wilson, Head, Browning, and Tecnifibre.


Tecnifibre Carboflex 125

The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Basaltex is one of the favorite choices of pro players, and for good reason — this is an attack racket. For players who have an aggressive and fast squash style, the low weight of this racket and the swift aerodynamics make for great volleys. This gear is also great for delaying your shots to be more deceptive.


Price: £84.99

Weight: 125g

Head Size: 500 sq cm

Balance: 350mm

If you are looking for more power, however, you may want to check out the Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH (review below), because this Tecnifibre is only best for those with a decent technique. This is due to its sweet spot being quite unforgiving. However, it does offer a lot of power but may not be best for precision shots and drops. For attacking plays, this racket really excels.


Head Nano Ti 110

For players who are seeking control in their game, this exceptionally lightweight and highly maneuverable Head nano Ti 110 is a racket that excels on the court for a great price. While a bit more fragile due to the 110 grams of Nano Titanium construction, this racket is still able to offer decent power while providing incredible control. This is especially true for shots off the corners.

head nano

Price: £39.89

Weight: 110g

Head Size: 500 sq cm

Balance: 360mm

Due to its fragile construction, be careful not to hit the wall. Overall, this Head Nano Ti 110 is well worth the price for the precision and control it gives you on the court.


Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH

This durable and lightweight Wilson Hyper Hammer racket offers tremendous power and a large sweet spot. This 120 PH is actually the most popular Wilson racket available due to it offering an extra low weight and a head-heavy balance. Wilson managed to make this “Hammer” easy to maneuver while allowing it to generate a lot of power, which is great for longer games.


Price: £39.88

Weight: 120g

Head Size: 497 sq cm

Balance: 380mm

Even at 120 grams in weight, it has found to be quite durable and is able to withstand quite a lot. The best part is the large sweet spot, which is very forgiving as well as the well-balanced design at 380mm.


Browning NanoTec Ti 120

This racket uses a special, 100% Nano Carbon Titanium (NanoTech Ti) frame for lightness, while offering a wide body for superior power. The titanium strings are very durable and the Airtech grip is excellent for comfort during your entire game — however, while many players have found the grip comfortable, the quality is not that great and may need to be replaced.

browning 2

Price: £33.99

Weight: 120g

Head Size: Standard

Overall, this is a durable and innovative racket that is a great racket for those seeking both reasonable power and control. The price is also compelling. While this racket retailed in the 200’s, you can get a much better deal it just about anywhere on the web or in store.


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