Prince TT Sovereign

This extremely popular racket by Prince is brand new on the market and has already received rave reviews by advanced-level players. TT stands for “Triple Threat,” which this new racket most certainly is.

Price: $99.95

Weight: 135g

Head Size: 480 sq cm

Balance: 349mm

Prince 135 TT

This 2017 model offers a great feel, superior control, and power, all while staying durable, which many advanced and lightweight rackets do not offer. The power is solid but the real concentration of this new design and construction is on control. You can put the ball anywhere you desire with the incredible concentration on this 480 sq cm, 135g racket.

This racket comes standard with quality strings, a great grip, and will keep up with advanced gameplay with ease and precision. This Prince TT Sovereign is powerful, exceptionally controllable, and is lightweight — all for just under $100.


Head Metallix 130

With a larger head size, string pattern, balance, and a slightly lower weight than the Prince TT Sovereign is the Head Metallix 130. This 2017 model offers advanced players very good control, a well-balanced racket, and superior maneuverability and control over your shots.

Price: $99.95

Weight: 130g

Head Size: 500 sq cm

Balance: 370mm

This Metallix 130 is lightweight and is perfect for precise drop shots and overall control.


Wilson Sledge Hammer

As the bold model name suggests, the 2017 Wilson Sledge Hammer is designed and built for advanced-level power. The balance is head heavy but the low, 130g weight allows you to shoot effective and fast strokes.

Price: $99.00

Weight: 130g

Head Size: 495 sq cm

Balance: 370mm (head heavy)


While some players stated that the Sledge Hammer is not as durable as it could be, the stiff frame offers packed power that is ready to deliver hot shots. Great for sending the ball into the back corners, if you want a racket with more power and less control, than the Wilson Sledge Hammer is perfect for this use.


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