Dunlop has been one of the Top 3 squash racquet brands for pros, competition players, advanced club players, and even beginners, for decades. The sheer range of racquet types they offer, from junior racquets, entry-level, intermediate, professional racquets, and racquets for doubles players — they are a brand that is a household name and well-respected on the PSA World Tour.

Take a look below at four great Dunlop racquets that will not let you down the next time you’re on the court — for practice or competition.


2017 Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS Squash Racquet

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Dunlop’s Biomimetic Ultimate GTS racquet is a great choice for those seeking a different type to bring to the court. Made from premium graphite construction and a balance to the handle, this racquet is only 132 grams in weight with a head size of 500 sq cm.


The string pattern is 16×19 and the closed throat area offers a smaller, more dense string bed. The aero skin technology in this racquet reduces drag and coupled with BioFibre technology, this Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS will reduce the shock upon impact with the ball.


The retail price for this model is $225.00 — but don’t worry, you won’t have to pay that much. You can purchase this beauty for only $129.99 at (see the link above). Note that this price does not include a cover for it.


2017 Dunlop Precision Ultimate Squash Racquet

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If you’re not ready for a Biomimetic racquet, consider Dunlop’s Precision Ultimate model. Made from premium graphite, this racquet is also 132 grams in weight, has a standard 500 sq cm head size, is balanced to the handle, and uses a 16 x 19 string pattern as standard.


The Precision Ultimate is designed for higher level players who want control and precision. The light-headed racquet provides that control for intermediate to advanced level players.

precision ultimate

It also comes strung with Dunlop Great White 17G string and features a Hydra Max Pro grip for control and comfort. This racquet retails for $199.99, but you won’t get the incredible deal you will with the Biomimetic model — however, for $179.99, this is a very reasonable price for one of the great racquets being used today.


2017 Dunlop Force Evolution 130 Squash Racquet

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The Force Evolution is a popular model for pros and competitive players — the Force Evolution 130 racquet is evenly balanced, features a 490 sq cm head size, a 14 x 18 string pattern, and weighs 130 grams as the name indicates.


This racquet is endorsed by pro greats like Greg Gaultier of France and Nick Matthew of England. Why? This racquet has incredible whipping power and features 27 percent reduced string friction. It offers a combination of control and power — you can feel up to a 35 percent reduction in drag through the air via the Aeroskin technology. There is also a maximized sweet spot.

force evolution

For $149.99, it is a proven racquet that will pay off without hitting your wallet too hard. Note that the price does not include a cover by Dunlop.


2017 Dunlop Force Revelation 135 Squash Racquet

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Not to be confused with the Evolution model, the Dunlop Force Revelation is a racquet geared for those who want a slightly heavier racquet within the advanced range. At 135 grams, this 500 sq cm head racquet is balanced to the handle and features a 14 x 18 PowerMax string pattern.


With a Hydramax factory grip, Dunlop Silk factory string, and premium graphite construction, this racquet has a tapered shaft, uses Hypre fiber, and uses GLDE Polymer. This racquet has a true teardrop design, but more advanced.

Revelation 135

This new racquet retails for $189.00, but you can save a few bucks and purchase it for $179.99 at (see the link above). This price does not include a cover.

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