For the first time in history at the prestigious Allam British Open, the oncoming 2017 tournament will finally see female Squash players earning the same prize money as the male players.


In Hull, Britain this coming March of 2017, this step towards gender and pay equality will take effect at the Airco Arena. Commonly called the “Wimbledon of Squash,” this iconic arena will have over 120 of the world’s best male and female Squash players from around the globe.

Airco Arena in Hull, Britain - Home of the 2017 Allam British Open

Airco Arena in Hull, Britain – Home of the 2017 Allam British Open

The Allam British Open will be the first major British Squash tournament to ever offer equality in financial winnings to both sexes in competition. The prize money contains $150,000 to offer to both the women and men’s draws.

This is a huge step in sports but it makes a lot of sense that this step takes place in the world of Squash.


Squash is one of the very few sports in which men and women compete at the same events at the same time, under the same scoring system, rules, and size of the court. This equality in play is unseen in nearly every other sports (most especially non-racket sports), and so it makes sense that this financial parity will happen here.

The 2016 Winners of the Allam British Open

The 2016 Winners of the Allam British Open

We at Squash Racquets are extremely proud of this development and are looking at the 2017 Allam British Open to open the door to equality across the board in the world of Squash. This is a great showcase for equality in sports (especially for world class Squash). The tournament is going to be co-promoted by both England Squash and the Professional Squash Association (PSA).

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We will be keeping an eye on this tournament when it begins and offer full coverage of gameplay, scores, matches, and who eventually wins the big prize.


Prize Equality on the Horizon

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