Having recently written an article on the proper techniques on warming up a squash ball before a game (read the review below), we realized that one of the alternative methods of warming a squash ball using a ball warmer offered little alternative.


How to Warm Up a Squash Ball Before Play



Link: http://www.jetbounce.co.uk/

The JetBounce is the primary producer of squash ball warmers being sold today. While traditional warm ups are preferred, it is not always possible. This leads to the necessary purchase of a ball warmer to ensure that a standby ball is available and warmed to ambient temperature if one breaks during a game or competition.

JetBounce Squash Ball Warmer

JetBounce Squash Ball Warmer

This has made JetBounce a great asset, but not foolproof. JetBounce still needs around 5 minutes to warm the ball up but must be warmed when it is needed — you can’t simply keep it warm on stand-by.

As the only option available to squash players worldwide, it should not come as a surprise that a competing brand has stepped up to not only create their own squash ball warmer, but to make it superior to the JetBounce device.


London-based Luma iD

Luma iD

Luma Industrial Design (Luma from here on), is a London startup that has already designed and developed not only a fully working Squash Ball Warmer prototype, but has created on that is easier to use, faster to use, and can keep it warm on stand-by.

The Luma Ball Warmer is unique because, as opposed to JetBounce, which uses a no-tech approach (see photo below), Luma’s device uses compact and efficient technology to achieve its goal.


Photo Credit: Luma iD

Looking more like a squashed (no pun intended) Pokemon ball, this ball warmer has not yet been released, but with additional backers, could be the new standard in squash.


Features / Specifications of the Luma Ball Warmer

  • 11cm x 10cm x 7.2cm (4.33” x 3.94” x  2.83”)
  • Time to Heat: 3 minutes (30 degrees Celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Ball Sizes Accommodated: Blue (44mm) and Black (40.5mm)
  • Charge Time: 12 Hour
  • Protections: Overheating Fuse Protection
  • Probable Cost: £45 / $56

Photo Credit: Luma iD

Having taken over a year and a half to develop through various prototype models, Luma has found what they believe to be the optimum working prototype for this warmer.

Not only is this product superior in terms of efficiency against the JetBounce, but it is innovative, reusable, and uses technology to ensure that proper temperature has been reached.

It is also very aesthetically attractive and would be quite easy to add to your squash bag to take anywhere you go.


Benefits of Using a Ball Warmer

Traditional ways of warming up a ball are always preferred, but sometimes it is not possible or is not worth the exertion. For example, if a squash ball bursts during a game, you hardly want to be hitting a new, cold, and unresponsive ball as hard as you can for a few minutes before resuming play.


Photo Credit: Luma iD

This is especially important for professionals who don’t want to waste time after cracking a ball. The Luma warmer can save you that time so you can begin playing right away or resume playing, depending on when you use it. This can save you some time on expensive court rent.

Using a warmer can also reduce the chance of injury, whether it is used during a game, practice, or during a solo workout.

For beginners, learning the game properly with an accurate bouncing squash ball is advantageous. You can progress a lot quicker without having to huff and puff as you hit a cold ball to warm it up — especially if you are low on expertise in that area as well — you could really strain a muscle.

The squash industry has very few gadgets on the market, and besides JetBounce, really has no other alternatives. This tech-based alternative is safer to use, incredibly easy to use, is reusable, easy to carry around, and innovative. Keeping up with modern squash means developing new technology beyond the racket.

Lastly, this is the first fully functional squash ball warmer on the market. It will do exactly as described and will serve your needs for years of use. It also makes for a great gift to a squash player, since there are not that many items or tech gadgets available that you can surprise a squash player with.



We are all waiting with bated breath for this Luma iD Squash Ball Warmer to come to market, and we hope to see this inventive device get the funding it needs to take the prototype design and put it into production.


We were not asked to review this product, nor were we asked to advertise it for funding collaboration, but we have found this device to be an innovative solution to every squash player’s needs, and it is more than deserving of funding.

If you wish to collaborate, partner up, or assist in funding the Luma Squash Ball Warmer, you can contact Luma Industrial Design at the following Contact information:

Luma iD Contact Page: http://www.luma-id.com/contact/ to send a message to the Projects Team and view Contact information.

  • Email: projects@luma-id.com
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 869 22873
  • Location: Studio 7, Unit 13, Elizabeth Tower,
          Juno Way, London, SE12 5RW
  • Office Hours: Weekdays: 9am – 5pm (Closed Weekends)


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