The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has stated that professional squash players are earning more financial compensation than ever before. In the high echelons of the game of Squash, professionals are making around 14 percent more than last year. What makes this even better is that it is not just the men earning more, but women as well.

In just about every industry and every sport, men earn more than women despite a number of factors that should prevent this from happening. However, Squash is well known as one of the only sports that has actively been supporting gender equality in gameplay and in earning potential. This equality occurred organically as men and women share the same courts, play in the same tournaments at the same time, and play with the same gear and rules.

We have recently written that women will be earning the same purse prize as male players in the 2017 British Squash Open.


Men and Women Squash Players to Receive Equal Prize Money for the 2017 British Squash Open

In addition to equal prize money becoming officially recognized in the tournament environment, squash players have been earning better and better pay. Ever since the PSA joined up with the Women’s Squash Association in 2015 in order to create a unified governing body, Squash is said to have been on an upward rise since.

Today, the numbers show that the compensation paid out to pro players in Squash has increased 13.8 percent during the 2016 year. This represents an increase of $619,500 year after year.


Men’s Earnings

In the Men’s Tour, the total prize reached $3,756,000, representing a 12.3 percent increase. The top 10 pro players earned 17.2 percent more and the top 100 players earned 16.1 percent more than they did the previous year, which makes 2016 the most lucrative year financially in the history of professional Squash.

Women’s Earnings

The Women’s Tour saw $1,937,000 in total prize money, representing an increase of 17 percent from the previous year. This is an increase of 43.6 percent among the top 10 players with the top 100 earning 19.3 percent more than they did in 2015. This is an incredible and immediate increase in prize money that in our opinion, shows just how well the unified governing body created by the PSA and the Women’s Squash Association in 2015 has worked to equalize earnings among pro Squash players.


Growth in Popularity, Globalization, and Gender Equality

The increase in prize money for men and women pro players has shown to be very encouraging for the future of Squash. The game has become more popular than ever and with countries that are relatively new to the Squash scene, such as Saudi Arabia, their hard work has paid off and the World Series and Tours are more diverse and exciting than ever. The game of Squash is definitely moving in a great direction.

In addition, being able to see quantifiable increases in women’s earning levels is even more of a boost to the game and takes Squash one step closer to becoming a sport that fully embodies equality and parity in playing opportunities as well as prize money across the PSA World Tour.


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