Whether you absolutely love playing squash the old-fashioned way on a standard court and the white walls, consider adding some fun and scenery to your games — with the world’s first digital sports court — InteractiveSquash.


The aim of this technology is to introduce beginners, children, and professionals to a new generation of squash and ball sports in a fun, intuitive, and smart way.

How it Works

InteractiveSquash players that are on the digital court are constantly monitored. Each movement that a player makes is tracked (similar to technology in the Kinect and virtual reality (VR) gear, as well as other movement-tracking technology. Each move can even be analyzed and evaluated by the players so you can really see what needs improvement in your swing, drops, and any aspect of your gameplay — all without having to simply watch an old-fashioned video of it.


The result of this type of technology is great for everyone from beginners, potential squash players, and professionals. Professionals can have their very own training program geared towards their skills and desires and can have this program projected onto the wall in front of them — casual players can join in a video game using their squash racket and ball. Incredibly cool.


What’s especially great about this digital squash court is that there are no cables for players to wear on their person and no technological equipment — this technology is so smart, all you need to do is step out onto the digital court that has been linked up to InteractiveSquash.


There are features, games, training programs and more for just about everyone in interested in squash, no matter what your skill level. If you are someone who has an itch to play and just wants to have fun, you can join a game that is similar to the famous Space Invaders and bring down aliens using your squash ball — really imaginative and incredibly cool way of gaining the interests of children, having fun playing a game, testing your aiming skills, and getting your exercise in.


If you are looking to fine-tune your gameplay, you can use the digital wall as a target for more delicate strokes. Professional, playing-for-fun, or beginners in training,  you will be able to find features to this digital court that will improve your gameplay and allow you to have serious fun doing it.


We haven’t heard about this technology before, so this is incredibly exciting to us. Everything that takes place on the digital court, from the players’ movements, training programs, results, games, and more — is documented and stored by an application (app). This makes everything easily accessible for players who want to look back and analyze their performance.


Additional Benefits

Additional benefits of having a digital squash court includes getting kids who may not even know what squash is, into the game. Not only this, but especially in America, there are not a lot of schools or after-school sports centers that really teach or introduce students to the game — but with the InteractiveSquash digital sports court, this can change and introduce new students — both new and older — to the wonderful game of squash.


The interactive nature of this digital sports court means that you can practice, play games, practice maneuvers, do squash exercises, and more, right on what would typically be a blank white wall. This will really level up your game.

The Tech

What makes InteractiveSquash so impressive is that it is really the world’s first digital, intuitive sports court. With sensor systems, software, and a projection display, these features allow players to completely immerse themselves into modern day training sessions, playing methods, and games.

Digitization a a sports trend is not a secret — the Wii console, virtual reality (VR) headsets and full-room sensor VR sets, 3D films, interactive games, and other technology has existed for sports and entertainment for the last few years. This serious leap into interactive and digital play has made sports more attractive for children and those seeking a skillful hobby or exercise regimens that would otherwise be uninteresting to them.


Now, you can set this digital court up in squash court and use your own equipment without needing a handheld toy-like control, and challenge yourself with training sessions and have fun playing games solo or with a partner.

You don’t even need wristbands or batteries that need recharging — the sensors and software, and projection display are all you need — within that display you and other players are monitored and your squash balls and racket and movements are tracked in real-time for precise gameplay against the white wall projection.


Serious Players

This is a great way for professionals and intermediate players to find new ways of testing their skills and acquiring new ones. This unit does not have to be all fun and games — it is quite suitable for serious players as well. If you want an interactive and intuitive training program that will help you work on any shortcomings in your game, this is the one to try. There are no fake rackets or balls to use, no wristbands to wear, and no distractions — this is a fully-immersive and integrated technology that allows you to play using the exact racket and ball you want while wearing the exact clothing and shoes you wish to.

Just get on the digital court and begin. You can review your progress later on via the app, where the information is stored on.



One thing that InteractiveSquash maintains is that this digitization is not a gimmick — this creation was intended as a passion project for use by any type of squash player of any skill level. Rather than trying to somehow “cash-in” on the digital sports market, this digital / interactive squash court is intended as a true companion to playing serious games of squash as well as having fun with it.

The InteractiveSquash mobile application is due to be released in May 2017.

Any existing squash court can be upgraded to this interactive squash court within only 48 hours! All you need to do is contact FWB GmbH (Fun With Balls) directly if you wish to receive information on this process as well as pricing options.

Contact Link: http://interactivesquash.com/sales


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