If you are relatively new to squash, you may have heard of the larger, more popular racquet brands such as Technifibre, Dunlop, Wilson, Eye, Salming, Head, Prince, and Black Knight. However, it may surprise you to know that Slazenger is a British sports good company that is one of the oldest surviving names in the business. Having been founded in 1881, Slazenger creates racquets for tennis, squash, as well as gear for hockey, cricket, and golf.

Associated most commonly with Wimbledon, it also has the longest sporting sponsorship in world history with sponsorships to the Wimbledon Tennis Championship tournament since 1902.


When it comes to squash racquets, we would be remiss to not mention brands like Slazenger for beginners and intermediate players. While not the best choice for competition play, a racquet like Slazenger can help you learn the game economically speaking, and you can purchase a few different types to see which type of weight, grip, balance, and stringing you prefer.

Below are two reviews of the Slazenger Force and the Slazenger Excite, which are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods only — since you may not find this directly on Google, we thought it best to review it here for our novice readers.


Slazenger Excite Squash Racquet Starter Pack

Purchase Link: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/slazenger-excite-squash-racquet-starter-pack-16slauxctsqshrcqtsqs/16slauxctsqshrcqtsqs

The Slazenger Excite Squash Racquet Starter Pack is a great deal you can take advantage of at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Great for beginners and intermediate recreational players, the Slazenger Excite is a racquet that you can afford in order to learn the game you love.

Excite Starter Kit

The Excite racquet features a frame made of a lightweight aluminum alloy, which offers better maneuvering and stability. With fused graphite reinforcements for added power, durability, and stability, this racquet is one you can put to the test without worrying about cost.

With a traditional length of 27 inches, the head size of the Excite is 86 square inches (554.8 cm sq.), which is larger than your competitive squash racquets (which max out at 500 cm sq.). This makes for a great learning racquet for those who want a larger surface area to work with. The string pattern on this larger head size is 14 x 20, which will give you a lot of power when you swing.

slazenger excite

You can purchase the Slazenger Excite Racquet Starter Pack at Dick’s Sporting Goods for only $39.99 — this includes your Excite racquet, two squash balls, protective eyewear, and a racquet carrying case.

Excite Cover

Excite starter kit with Slazenger glasses

Excite starter kit with squash balls

Slazenger Force Squash Racquet

Purchase Link: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/slazenger-force-squash-racquet-16slaufrcsqshrcqtsqs/16slaufrcsqshrcqtsqs

The Slazenger Force is another economically priced squash racquet that will deliver some power shots while remaining durable for novice beginners and intermediate recreational players. This racquet was designed for intermediate-level players and has a slightly smaller head size than the Excite.

Force Squash Racquet

The Force actually features a durable, powerful frame with a dry, non-perforated grip for a secure feel. The oval head is 84 square inches (541.9 cm sq.) for more surface area and better ball contact than the competition racquets have. You will certainly have superior power, control, and balance on the court.

The lighter weight is better for maneuvering and durability, as opposed to heavier, sluggish racquets. The head-heavy balance allows beginners and intermediate players to index the racquet better when hitting the ball and is preferred by those still learning the game.

With a closed throat, teardrop shaped head, traditional 27 inch length, and a weight of only 205 grams (strung), this Slazenger Force is for those a bit more experienced. The string pattern is 14 x 20 just like the Excite model, and the string tension is 50RA.

Slazenger Force

The Force does not come in a kit, but you can purchase the racquet at a great deal still, for only $29.99.

Force Squash Racquet


Note: This article has not been sponsored by Slazenger or Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is an unbiased review of the products within.


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