The Women’s PSA World Squash Rankings for February 2017 are an amazing testament to the dedication and impressive skillset that women are showing on the squash court around the world. In an increasingly competitive set of tournaments around the world, finding oneself on the Top 10 highest ranked players in the world is not an easy task.

Let’s take a look to see who has made this list and who is battling it out to reign as the top ranked ladies squash player in the world.  


1. Nour El Sherbini

Nour El Sherbini takes the top spot on the list and is currently ranked number one in the world and has remained so since May 2017 to the day of the publication of this article (Feb. 8, 2017).

We have recently written an exposé on El Sherbini and her incredible journey through junior squash to her current position on the top of the rankings chart.


Nour El Sherbini: The Trailblazing 21 Year Old Who is Changing Squash

This 21-year old from Alexandria, Egypt has been taking the sport by storm for years, with 2016 being her best year yet. Her incredible beginning to the 2016 / 2017 squash year has been rife with amazing games and victories.

nour el sherbini

2016 saw her as the winner of the following PSA World Series and Tournaments:

  • Tournament of Champions (Jan 2016)
  • British Open (March 2016)
  • World Championship (April 2016)
  • Carol Weymuller Open (Oct 2016)

She also reached the semifinals and was runner-up in the following:

  • Windy City Open (March 2016)
  • World Series Finals (May 2016)
  • Hong Kong Open (Aug 2016)
  • Al-Ahram International (Sep 2016)
  • US Open (Oct 2016)
  • Tournament of Champions (Jan 2017)

It is clear that her victories, spread across major countries in the world, is not affected by location or nerves. This young woman with nerves of steel and an incredible work ethic has worked her way to the top with consistency and power of will.

You can see Nour El Sherbini next at the 2017 Windy City Open, which begins on Feb 21st and lasts until March 1st. She is currently set to play against a so-far unknown qualifier. All of your favorite players that are also on this list will be appearing at the Open, as well.

This up-and-comer has established her abilities on the global stage of squash and it is without a doubt that we will continue to see her on the Top 10 list alongside the greats, for many years to come.


2. Camille Serme

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will not be surprised that Camille Serme is number 2 on the Women’s PSA World Squash Rankings. This 27-year-old from Creteil, France has recently made the headlines with her incredible win at the Tournament of Champions in January of 2017 — alongside the men’s Karim Abdel Gawad.

As of February 2017, Serme has been ranked as the number 2 women’s squash player in the world — the highest ranking she has attained.

Camille Serme

2016 was great to Serme as she charged her way up the rankings. She won the following events during the year and as of January 2017:

  • Cleveland Classic (Feb 2016)
  • French Nationals (Feb 2016)
  • European Individual Championship (Sep 2016)
  • US Open (Oct 2016)
  • Tournament of Champions (Jan 2017)

She also advanced well into additional events throughout the year from making the quarters and semifinals.

You can see Camille Serme play very soon — she will be playing at the Women’s Cleveland Classic 2017, which will last from Feb 15 to Feb 20, 2017. She will be playing a Qualifier.

She will also appear along with other top players at Chicago’s Windy City Open from Feb 21 to March 1, 2017.


3. Raneem El Weleily

As one of four Egyptian players on this Top 10 list,  Raneem El Weleily (last name sometimes spelled Welily), born in Alexandria and currently residing in Cairo, is the number 3 ranked women’s squash player in the world. Raneem is a player who has seen herself ranked number 1 in the world (in September of 2015), and she continues to remain highly ranked through tough gameplay and a skillset that this 28-year-old has been honing since joining the PSA back in 2002.

raneem el welily

What is so impressive about El Weleily is not just that she ranked number 1 in September of 2015, but she was the first Egyptian woman to rank No1 in any sport with that victory.

This incredible player always enters a tournament to win it and never gives up. This mindset has ensured that she almost always makes it to the 2nd round, quarterfinals, semifinals, runner-up, or winner in any event. It is very uncommon for El Weleily to head home after the first or second match.

2016 saw El Weleily win the following events:

  • Windy City Open (March 2016)
  • Al-Ahram International (Sep 2016)
  • Wadi Degla Open (Nov 2016)

She made it to the quarterfinals in January’s Tournament of Champions, where Camille Serme took the trophy, and will be appearing next at the 2017 Windy City Open, which Raneem won last year.

On a personal note, you may or may not know that Raneem and PSA men’s squash player Tarek Momen married on May 31st of 2014. Talk about a power couple!


4. Nouran Gohar

Nouran Gohar, another incredible Egyptian player, is ranked number four in the women’s PSA world squash rankings as of February 2017. While she fell two spots in the rankings from her number two ranking she earned in January 2017, Nouran Gohar is still fighting her opponents with nerves of steel. Born and still residing in Cairo, Gohar certainly couldn’t ask for a better place to practice her craft at such a young age.

nouran gohar

In 2016, Gohar won the following series:

  • British Junior U19 Open (Jan 2016)
  • World Junior Championship (Aug 2016)
  • Hong Kong Open (Aug 2016)

This 19-year-old is a young player who has hit the ground running and is already making herself known worldwide as an excellent player who can take on the best players on the court. Similar to Nour El Sherbini, this young player will likely remain as a top ranker as she continues to the big time events.

Gohar will appear next at the Windy City Open in late Feb / March 1, 2017, as the number 2 seed. She will be playing a qualifier.


5. Laura Massaro

Laura Massaro really doesn’t need any introduction — this English player born in Great Yarmouth and currently residing in Preston, in the U.K., is a player who is basically legendary even though she is only 33 years of age.

Massaro has been a No1 ranked player as recently as January 2016, and is always traveling and playing an incredible amount of events around the globe. This woman simply loves to play and compete. As of February 2017, she is ranked fifth in the world.

laura massaro

2016 saw Massaro win the following events:

  • British National Championship (Feb 2016)
  • World Series Finals (May 2016)
  • China Open (Sep 2016)
  • NetSuite Open (Oct 2016)

She also made it to the quarters, semis, and runner-up in many events throughout the year — including the 2016 Tournament of Champions, where she came in as the runner-up.

You will see a lot of Laura Massaro very soon — you won’t have to wait until March, either! She will be appearing at the British National Championship in England (it began Feb 7 and will continue to Feb 12, 2017), which she won last year in 2016. She will be playing Deon Saffery in her first match and is seeded as number 1.

She will also be attending the Cleveland Classic in February as a number 2 seed, playing against Tesni Evans. In addition, Laura Massaro will also be joining nearly every other woman on this list at the Windy City Open in Feb/March 2017, and will be playing first against Mariam Metwally.


6. Amanda Sobhy

Amanda Sobhy is ranked number six on the Women’s PSA world squash rankings and is the only American ranked in the Top 10, and one of the only that is ranked at all, with the next U.S. player, Olivia Blatchford, ranking in at 27 on the list.

Amanda Sobhy has always been seen as an incredible player on the circuit and has worked hard to maintain a global presence in squash. Born in New York and residing in Boston, Sobhy has hung on to the number six world squash rank since October of 2016.

amanda sobhy

As one of the few left-handed players on this list, Sobhy has a great history in the game, even though she is still young at only 23 years of age. She has won three US Nationals titles, has become the first player to win three gold medals in a single PanAm games (July 2015), became the first US player to win a world singles title (June 2010), and was the first 16-year-old to win four WISPA Tour titles (May 2010).

2016 saw Sobhy win both the:

  • Greenwich Invitational (Jan 2016)
  • US Nationals (March 2016)

She also reached the semifinals in the 2016 Cleveland Classic and the 2016 US Open. You can expect to see Sobhy at the Windy City Open in March, 2017, where she is seeded number six and will be playing her first match against a yet-unknown qualifier.

Not only is Sobhy serious about her career as a pro squash player, but she is also serious about her education. Sobhy graduated from Harvard in 2015 with her degree in Social Anthropology. As a squash player who spends her time traveling the world and engaging with different cultures, it is clear that Amanda Sobhy enjoys and appreciates the game, respects her opponents, and is a force to be reckoned with on and off the court.


7. Nicol David

Born in Penang, Malaysia and splitting her time between her hometown and Amsterdam, Malaysia’s Nicol David is ranked number seven on the Top 10 PSA world squash rankings. Like Amanda Sobhy, Nicol David is the only Malaysian in the top rankings and with Sobhy, is one of only three non-Egyptian and non-English players in the Top 10.

nicol david

Nicol David has held the number one ranking before, in January of 2006, but even though this seems like a long time ago, this 33-year-old is legendary in her own right. She has a laundry list of awards during her career and has earned the following (which is a small sample of her numerous awards and honors):

  • Became the first player to achieve 100 consecutive months as the world’s No1 player (Sep 2015)
  • Overtook Michelle Martin to establish new record: 143-month unbroken run in world top 5 (Nov 2016)
  • Overtook Peter Nicol to establish new record: unbroken 151-month run in world top 10 (July 2016)
  • Collected her 80th title and reached 100th Tour final at Hong Kong Open (Dec 2015)
  • Won 9 Asian Championship titles (Sep 2014)
  • Won three Malaysian Nationals titles (Sep 2013)
  • Won a record 7 World Championship titles  (Dec 2012)

2016 saw her battle between making it to the quarter- and semi-finals in numerous events, but she won the SRAM Invitational in July, 2016.

It is without a doubt that even though Nicol David only won one of her events of 2016, that she is well-deserving of her consistent 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seed placements in these events. She reached the quarterfinals in Jan 2017 at the Tournament of Champions and can be seen next with the other top players at the 2017 Windy City Open, where she is seeded 7 and will be playing a qualifier.


8. Sarah-Jane Perry

English player Sarah-Jane Perry was born in Birmingham and resides in Kenilworth, U.K. Ranking in at number eight in the world, this is the highest ranking that Perry has earned in the global women’s PSA world squash rankings.

This 26-year-old played nearly two dozen events in 2016, and while she did not win the trophy in any of them, she did consistently make the 2nd round, quarters, and semifinal rounds. During the June and July months of 2016, she did not participate in events, and it was clear that she took that time to rest and tweak her game, since upon her return from August to December of 2016, she played the best she had all year.

sarah jane perry

So far in 2017, she has played in the following events:

  • Roehampton Open (Jan 2017) – Runner-Up
  • Tournament of Champions (Jan 2017) – Semi-Finals
  • Premier League 6th Round (Jan 2017)

Hopefully her success from the Tournament of Champions has inspired her as she has three events scheduled for February and March of 2017:

  • British National Championship (Feb 2017), will play against Julianne Courtice in first match
  • Cleveland Classic (Feb 2017), will play against Mariam Metwally in first match
  • Windy City Open (Feb/March 2017), will play against Donna Urquhart in first match

The Windy City Open is filled with top players and Perry will be seeded number 11; however, the British Nationals and Cleveland Classic will have her seeded 3rd and 4th.


9. Omneya Abdel Kawy

Born in Giza and residing in Cairo, Omneya Abdel Kawy is ranked number 8 in the world. This 31-year-old Egyptian player has ranked higher before, at number 4 in October of 2010. While she has slipped down the rankings a bit over the last few years, she has consistently held on in the Top 10 and has remained a solid player.

She did not play as many events as the other players on this list in 2016, with just around a dozen throughout the year, however, she is still seeded as number 9 for the upcoming 2017 Windy City Open — where she will play a qualifier.


Omneya reached the quarterfinals during January 2017’s Tournament of Champions, which is an impressive feat, and during the 2016 year, she made the quarterfinals in the following events:

  • 2016 Tournament of Champions (Jan 2016)
  • 2016 Windy City Open (March 2016)
  • British Open (March 2016)
  • World Championship (April 2016)
  • Hong Kong Open (Aug 2016)
  • Al-Ahram International (Sep 2016)


10. Alison Waters

Alison Waters has seen herself reach number three in the world rankings in October of 2010, and ever since, she has consistently been a powerhouse player. Born in London and currently residing in Welwyn Garden City, Herts, Waters is one of England’s favorite squash players.

Aged 32, Alison Waters has reached a record 9th British National Championship final (in February 2016), has won decider to give England the title in the World Team Championship (in December 2014), and won the 2012 “WSA Vicki Cardwell Comeback Player of the Year” award.

In 2016, Waters played in nearly two dozen events, and won the Wimbledon Cup in November of 2016. In January of 2017, she won the Roehampton Open in England.


From January to May of 2016, she got off to a slower start and found some success in around half of her events, but her best months were from August to November, where she went 2nd in Hong Kong, reached the quarterfinals in the:

  • China Open
  • The Al-Ahram International
  • The US Open

You can expect to see Waters at the following events in February and March of 2017:

  • British National Championship (Feb 2017), seeded number 2 and will play Kace Bartley in first match
  • Cleveland Classic (Feb 2017), seeded number 3 and will play a qualifier
  • Windy City Open (March 2017), seeded number 8 and will play Liu Tsz-Ling in the first match



We could write a lot more about all of these incredible women on this Top 10 Women’s PSA World Squash Rankings list, but we wouldn’t have the time to do every player justice. This list is current as of February 8th, 2017, and is a reflection of the incredible abilities of ladies squash players around the world.

Until we post again, we will be keeping an eye on the British National Championship, Cleveland Classic, and especially the Windy City Open, where the gameplay is going to be incredible with all of the top players in the world showing up to play in one place.

Until next time.


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