If you are a club player, a pro, or an intermediate squash player looking for the latest Dunlop brand rackets that provide the best performance, then take a look at some of the new 2017 Dunlop models below. Each has seen action in competition play as well as the highest of PSA Tour matches around the globe. These rackets are without a doubt, among the best in the world, and if you have the skill to use it, one of these rackets could find itself a good home in your gear bag.


1. Pro’s Frame — Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate Squash Racquet

This Dunlop is one of the most popular and well-known rackets on the professional circuits, especially among Egyptian and English pro squash players. The Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate has that perfect combination of control and power that players are looking for. This is why you can find this racket under the names of many pro players.


Squash Racquets of the Pros: See What Your Favorite Men and Women are Equipping Themselves with on the Court


This racket is ideal for advanced and intermediate players that are looking for a head-light professional-player frame profile with a dense 16 x 19 string pattern. The widened throat area and long handle of this model offer a great feel and provides ultimate control. Maximum power is offered via the oversize head, which offers a nice sweet spot while maintaining control.

  • Head Size: 500 cm sq.
  • Weight: 132 g
  • Construction: Aerogel / 4D
  • Balanced: Even, 357mm
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19
  • String (Factory): M-Fil TS (You can customize your string)

The Aerogel 4D Ultimate has seen victory in 30 PSA titles, 4 World Open Championships, and is ranked number one in the world in the hands of Amr Shabana. While this pro frame racket would typically cost $200 for the racket alone, this highly sought after Dunlop Pro Frame is one sale now at SquashGear.com, for only $99.99. When you checkout, you can add a cover if you wish, as well as design your own custom stringing so it arrives with your choice of string brand, type, tension, and pattern.

Purchase Link: http://www.squashgear.com/dunlop-aerogel-4d-ultimate-squash-racket.html


2. Pro’s Frame — Dunlop Aerogel 4D Elite Squash Racket

The Aerogel 4D Elite model by Dunlop is also a Pro Frame model that has been used by Frenchman Greg Gaultier. Perfect for intermediate and advanced players, the 4D Elite has a popular head-light pro player frame profile with a widened throat area and a long handle for feel and control. Combined with a standard 14 x 19 string pattern and an oversized head, this racket offers a ton of power, as Dunlop is famous for.

  • Head Size: 500 cm sq.
  • Weight: 135 g
  • Construction: Aerogel / 4D
  • Balanced: Even, 361mm
  • String Pattern: 14 x 19
  • String (Factory): Dunlop M-Fil TS (You can customize your string)


This racket has been used in World Champion matches, twice in the British Open Champion, and 30 PSA Tour Titles. You can add a cover when you visit SquashGear.com, and customize your stringing. While this pro frame racket retails for $189.95, you can purchase it on sale for only $99.99.

Purchase Link: http://www.squashgear.com/dunlop-aerogel-4d-elite-squash-racket.html


3. Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution 120 Squash Racquet

The choice of English player Nick Matthew (3 time world champion, three time British Open champion), this Dunlop 4D Evolution 120 is a 120g, lightweight racket made for the pros.

This lightweight 120g frame is teardrop shaped and is designed for optimal power. This racket maintains string bed control through the location of a small bridge in the throat area. This racket is balanced towards the handle.

  • Head Size: 500 cm sq.
  • Weight: 120g
  • Construction: Aerogel / 4D
  • Balanced: To handle, 348mm
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18
  • String (Factory): Dunlop M-Fil TS (You can customize your string)


SquashGear.com has this pro racket for only $99.99 on sale. It typically retails for $219.00. At checkout, you can add a racket cover as well as customize your string pattern, brand, and type for extra.

Purchase Link: http://www.squashgear.com/duae4devsqra.html

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