Make the best of your next squash practice and break in a brand new, 5-Star squash racket. While choosing a “Top” racket is arbitrary due to factors such as level of play, player experience level, weight preferences, material used, string tension, and price, we have done our best to offer you a list of top-rated squash rackets that offer favorable playing aspects such as larger sweet spots, lightness, and ball control.

Take a look at the range of options below and click on the links if you want to shop these rackets to take to your next practice or game.


Prince EX03 Rebel Squash Racket

The well-known Prince brand has done it again with the excellently constructed EX03 Rebel. The EX03 model rackets are unique in that they they are the only ones that manage to capture energy that is wasted right at the moment of impact. Once this energy is captured, it is channeled into each shot. The series of unique holes in the frame aid in making this racket more aerodynamic and effortless to use.


Note the holes in the frame

Price also decided on adding a sculpted groove in the frame, where their patented energy channel will increase the spin of the ball by 25% and will boost ball control. The “Energy Bridge” technology will reduce vibrations up to an incredible 50%. It also increases the virtual head size and will offer players a crazy 83% larger sweet spot!

This racket is favored by professional squash player James Willstrop and it’s no surprise why. With a nicely balanced performance frame, powerful control and energy boost, as well as vibration containment and a larger sweet spot, the EX03 Rebel Squash Racket by Prince is a great choice for intermediate and advanced players.


When you bring this model to the court, you can improve your accuracy, boost your power, take advantage of the superior sweet spot, and do this without sacrificing any power.

This racket does cost more than the average, but if you can save up a little cash, this Prince racket will be well worth it.

Price: $149.95 – $172.00




Harrow Stellar Squash Racket

Harrow is always improving their construction and gameplay for squash players. The Harrow Stellar is one of those great rackets that will help you take powerful swings with limited effort. The secret is in the dense string pattern that will give the player more precise shots and control. The Stellar was a revamped model based on the well-respected “Syncro” model by Harrow.


Harrow improved the composition and design of the racket to increase playability, so if you loved the “Syncro” you will definitely love the Stellar.

This frame is slightly head heavy for those who prefer it, and gives you better precision without sacrificing any power or control. You can use this Harrow for both practice and competition play. While the price may be a bit high, this racket was built on the shoulders of past, high performance models and is guaranteed to improve your play.


Price: $195.00



Dunlop Aerogel 130

The five-star Aerogel 130 by Dunlop has been one of the favorite rackets on the circuit. This racket uses the manufacturer’s famous Aerogel Carbon Graphite frame construction, which uses the world’s lightest solid to strengthen the squash racket while keeping it light and powerful.

This Aerogel Carbon Graphite material has a strength up to 4,000x its own weight. The unmatched strength-to-weight ratio is aided by the 3D nanometer-sized molecular network. This results in a well-balanced racket and offers an incredible, sleek design.


The teardrop head is great for greater string bed deflection as it provides longer main strings. The Aerogel 130 comes prestrung with precision 1.18mm. This Powermax stringing aids in increased bed deflection and power.

The end of the racket features Dunlop’s Hydromax grip for better control. Overall all, this is a great racket for intermediate players to grow with as it is lightweight, maneuverable, and has increased power and enhanced stiffness.


This racket retailed for $110.00, but this is one of the more affordable options for such a great racket, at only $80.

Price: $79.95

Johnson Quality Merchandise:


Dunlop Aerogel 4D Pro GT-X

The Aerogel 4D Pro GT-X was one of the most commonly used racket on the PSA World Tour and is a racket that is both affordable for nearly any squash player and highly advanced.

The Aerogel Carbon Graphite construction is amazing for strength to weight ratio as well as a more enhanced performance. Complete with a long handle for superior control and balance as well as a widened throat, the Aerogel 4D Pro GT-X is a top of the line racket with an ultimate head-light feel, superior control, and maneuverability to envy.


What is really interesting about this racket is the “4D” technology. The 4D Braided material is created using four braided fibers of superlight composite fibers that are wrapped in an alloy sheath. The alignment of these fibers offer multidirectional stress support. This makes the 4D material 4x more effective than a normal racket with no increase in weight.


This racket was constructed for use by advanced players. It is not durable enough for use by beginners, so it is best used in competition games and by those whose expertise level will suit this advanced and lightweight design.

Price: $75.12




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