We have written a lot about the tournaments of 2016 and the players to watch in 2017. Many male and female squash players in our reports have been hot, streaking their way to victory in many, hard-fought tournaments.

The J.P. Morgan Squash Tournament of Champions final, held in New York, was the culmination of hard work between two women and two men: England’s Laura Massaro versus France’s high-riser Camille Serme; and Egypt’s incredible Abdel Gawad versus Frenchman Gregory Gaultier.


Serme vs. Massaro

The women’s final at the Tournament of Champions saw the popular Frenchwoman Camille Serme face off against Englishwoman Laura Massaro. The first game ended in Serme’s favor at 13-11. In the second and third games, Massaro fought back and won the two back-to-back. Determined to win her way to victory, Serme of France was given a pep talk by her coaches who reminded her of her US Open victory.

Serme went out fighting and won the fourth and fifth games and won 11-3 and 11-7, respectively. In the end, her 3-2 match win won her the championship title.


Serme (FRA) and Massaro (ENG)

Gawad vs. Gaultier

In the men’s final match between Abdel Gawad and Gregory Gaultier, gameplay was just as tough. As the Egyptian player Gawad has said himself, “matches with Greg are always tough […] He has beaten me so many times before that I know even in match ball he isn’t beaten.” This attitude was integral in fighting for victory, as Gawad knew to not underestimate his opponent or let down his guard for a second.

The finals match between the two men started off with a huge victory by Frenchman Greg Gaultier who won the first game 11-6, followed by a victory by the Egyptian with the same 11-6 win. The toughest game came in the third — lasting for 12 minutes of brutal gameplay and back and forth shots, Gawad did not give up an inch and won it 12-10.

The fourth game ended the match with Abdel Gawad’s victory 11-7 with a final match score of 3-1.

Image result for abdel gawad

Gawad (EGY)



Gaultier (FRA)


With the victories of Camille Serme and Abdel Gawad, these two popular squash players have cemented themselves another great tournament win where they have won the title.

Tournament Winners: Camille Serma (FRA) and Karim Abdul Gawad

Tournament Winners: Camille Serma (FRA) and Karim Abdul Gawad

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